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About Us

SIS Technology is a leading software company on the Bulgarian market for retail and business software.

The main activities of the company are focused on design, development and distribution of software systems operating in a MS Windows, iOS, Android and all common Linux platforms operational environment.

SIS Technology is distributor of high quality specialized hardware and official representative of the brands Diebold Nixdorf and Datalogic for Bulgaria.

SIS Technology AD officially declares its policy aimed at continuously maintaining an integrated system for quality management and security of information, in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The policy expresses the company's aspiration to achieve quality process management and ensure a high level of information security. In 2020, the company received a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE for PCI DSS 3.2.1. Obtaining this certificate is another step towards maintaining information security in the company according to the best world practices.

Mission and Vision

The 30 years of SIS Technology successful business operation on the market is proof for high proficiency and competency.

SIS Technology satisfies the needs of its customers in an environment of continuously developing market and increasing competition, relying on following:

  • Consistent development of software products with the intention of enhancing the functional capabilities of the systems and accomplishing a more intuitive use.
  • Successfully realised best practices in various industries in order to help its customers to understand in details their business needs and to start working with our software quickly and without any problems.
  • Business partnership with leading and recognised international companies, manufacturing high quality hardware products.
  • Providing uncompromised maintenance and support for the system users in order to be able to use the possibilities of the software products at a maximum and to do their job easily.

The company receives a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE for PCI DSS 3.2.1.


SIS Technology AD wins the award for the largest number of sold POS stations of Diebold Nixdorf for 2019. The company, partnering with myPOS, introduces myPOS N5 Fiscal - the first electronic cash register of its kind. Shell's first Nexus pilot site was successfully launched.


The company successfully develops and implements the first fast food self-service terminal in Bulgaria. The first terminals for accepting cash at a cash register in Remedium pharmacies have been installed. SIS Technology AD installs the first self-service cash registers in a retail outlet of the T Market chain.


The company is certified according to ISO 27001 "Information Security Management Systems". An interactive terminal for product verification, with applications for employees and for retail customers has been developed. Small retail management system officially launched on the market on Android – AuroraPOS.


New generation commercial software has been developed that builds on the functionalities of POS Master – EVOII.


SIS Technology completed successfully its first projects for the implementation of an Exchange Terminal. SIS Technology was awarded "The most reliable partner" LIDL Bulgaria.


SIS Technology successfully completed the first implementation project for its new product - Business Management Integrated System – ERP Aurora. In the same year a new innovative product was launched: self-service exchange terminal. At the end of the year the company was recognized for its successful partnership upon the Datalogic – ADC Partner Advantage Program and was announced as a "Platinum business partner".


SIS Technology established its subsidiary in Albania and opened an office in the capital Tirana. During the Diebold Nixdorf business partner yearly meeting, the company was awarded "Best service partner".


SIS Technology officially announced on the market and successfully completed the first implementation projects for its new Outstanding Collection Process Management System - Argus Legis. The first implementation of the renewed HR and salaries software “Horizon” was finalised.


In May the company was certified for the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The developed and later certified Quality management system was fully integrated with the goals and targets of the company to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.


SIS Technology changes its legal form and becomes a joint stock company. The same year SIS Technology completed a large project with the leading European Reseller Carrefour opening the first chain outlet in Bulgaria.


Official market launch of the new version of the McMaster 8.0 software products family – integrated production processes and accounting management.


SIS Technology starts the development of completely new solutions for activities automation: integrated asset management systems (Asset Assist), complete solutions for the automation of the company activities of the mobility trade and logistics (VAN Master), production undertakings resources management system (ERP) McMaster 8.0.


SIS Technology transferred a large part of its operations into the hardware area of its partner company Bulnex Engineering. Developing of a fiscal system for the biggest fuel station chain in the country – Petrol.


A company team developed EFT for the needs of TRANSCARD – an operator and publisher of the first credit card in Bulgaria. Development of a specialized profile of the POS Master McPharma for the needs of the biggest national pharmaceutical chain at this time - Sanita.


The company became the representative of Diebold Nixdorf – a globally leading POS equipment manufacturer. A company fiscal device was successfully licensed.


The company increased its personnel and opened an office in the city of Veliko Tarnovo in North Central Bulgaria.


SIS Technology concluded a contract for representing Datalogic and extended the portfolio of the maintained devices with specialized scanners and manual terminals. The company opened offices in Sofia and Burgas.


SIS Technology launched the software SuperMarket Manager – a supermarket management system providing high speed organization of a large number of cash terminals, links between sales and stocks in real time. The program became very popular under the name POSMaster.


The company focused its efforts on the development of software packages with extended application. It developed the software product McMaster, the salary software McSalary, the software StaffMaster for Employee Management.


SIS Technology registered the “BanKing” trade mark – the first bank software in Bulgaria operating under the management of the MS Windows operational environment.


The company became a partner of Parsytec Germany – leading software developer of transputer-based systems software in Europe and worked on Parsytec projects in Germany and in Bulgaria.


Foundation of SIS Technology ООД. The company developed a separate package named “5+”, which was offered on the Bulgarian market through the commercial network of its computer industry business partners.


  • Varna municipality

    Successfully completed project with the scope: Updating of the existing software product version for employee’s management in the municipality of Varna. The project is for a period of 24 months.

  • Metro Cash and Carry Bulgaria

    2006 marks the start of the cooperation between SIS Technology and Metro Cash and Carry Bulgaria. SIS Technology is supplier of the specialized equipment for the chain cash terminals.

  • DM

    SIS Technology is a reliable business partner and provider according to the concluded contracts for delivery of IT equipment, software products and software development. The company has an excellent team of consultants, IT and service specialists, which react quickly and efficiently in all possible situations.


The high-tech business in which our company operates requires searching and investing in motivated and competent specialists willing to work according to their education. We always support the consistent development of knowledge and skills by offering excellent working conditions and a motivating remuneration. If you want to join our team, please fill the form and don’t forget to mention the position you consider suitable for you.


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