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Management of restaurants Orange


Orange is an innovative software system developed to meet the increasing requirements of managing retail facilities, such as F&B, restaurants, cafes, pizas, bouling centers, night pubs, cateriing companies etc. The integrated POS system provides maximum functionality, easyness and fasteness of work and control. Orange is charakterized by ergonomic design, friendly interface and extremely easy work designed with high flexibility and capability to fit the specific needs of your retail facility. The product is the result of decades of experience upon taking into consideration all specifics of the work of waiters, barmans in order to secure flexibility and eficiency when serving the customers.

Based on its abounding functionality, flexible range of reports and statements, unique loyalty system and centralized management, Orange provides you with the possibility to plan your business in a creative manner and to create your own profitable management model, becuase Orange works for You and Your clients.

The system consists of the following modules:

   Front office module – service in a commercial hall;

   Mobile application for taking orders;

    „Warehouse“ back office module

Advantages of the product:

   Extremely convenient TOUCH interface; 

   Defining different rights for system users;

   Input of any number of additional units for maximum precise presentation of the restaurant organization;

   Association of the restaurant areas with the units, which will fulfill the order;

   Definition of the variants of items and of two kinds of portioins – small and big portion;

   Product names in four additional languages;

   Automatic management of price groups upon defined hours schemes;

   Ability to print on unlimited number of kitchen printers according to the specific of the ordered items;

   Priorizing of orders, notes to kitchen units;

   Reservation system with tracking the reservations by tables, times and clients;

   Possibility to record unpaid client bills (clients on credit);

   Automatic provision of information for completed orders from the kitchen to the waiters. The waiters can check which order is fulfilled by single pressing the button;

   Possibility for determining menus by halls. Payment by tickets. Generation of event offers;

Recommended configurations

All in one POS system for operation in hall;

Back-office station

Mobile terminal

Kitchen printer


Mobile application for taking orders in the hall

  Extremely convenient TOUCH interface;

  Accelerating the process of taking the order through a functional intuitive menu;

  Visualization of the finished items on the terminal;

  Dialogue visualization including the list with marked items, which the waiter can say to the client in order to avoid any order mistakes and errors;

  Possibility to add notes and remarks to the ordered items;

  Printing out the orders on the kitchen printers upon recording the order.

 “Warehouse” back office module

         Creation, overview, redaction of the raw materials nomenclature. For each item a detailed information in terms of its movement and its availability in the warehouse with initial balances, turnovers, income and expenses by dates and closing balance is recorded;

         Keeping a record of the counterparties nomenclature which can be automatically transferred to the accounting system;

         Entry and tracking maximum and minimum inventory availability of the goods; 

         Batch processing of goods;

         Carrying out supply of materials;

         Copying and combining delivery documents;

         Definition of receipts;

         Booking the used materials according to the receipts for chosen period by the operator;

         Generating requests to suppliers for goods with inventory availability lower than the minimum inventory;

         Invoices – possibility to issue invoices to clients;


         Operator system access management.

Statements and reports in the “Warehouse” module

         Deliveries – for a period by goods and/or by suppliers – possibility to use a manual terminal;

         Sales by dates;

         Receipts issued for a period;

         Goods movement;

         Book value;

         Filters for supplier/goods/sample of goods.

Management and operational reports


   Ordered items;

   Financial receipts;

   Reports by receipt number (official or fiscal);

   Open/closed accounts;

   Clients liabilities;

   Transfer of orders to different accounts processed by different waiters;

   Work load of operators;

   Filter by period, item, table, waiter, kitchen units; areas, as well as by payment criteria: on credit, on restaurants costs etc.;

   Sold items for the current working day;


   “Sales reports” – sold items during the day;

    “Operator’s report”;

    “Shift report”.

System functions

   Preliminary definition of complex menues;

   Possibility to archieve the information automatically;

   Definition of different rights for the users;

   Automatic writing of receipts;

   Possibility to put in or to write out one receipt in another receipt.

More about the product

Main screen – identification of the waiters upon cards or by manually entered password

Trade hall – free definition of the location of the tables and the number of seat places in the commercial hall. There is an association between each area and the servicing waiter. 

Menu – Defining a menu. Possibility for grouping the offered items in random number of groups. Possibility for formation of a “Lunch menu” group in order to be able to mark quickly the items.

Taking an order – The systems provides the possibility to enter an order in the cash module interface or through the mobile application at the moment of ordering by the client. After confirmation (recording) of the order by the waiter it is sent for further processing. The system associates the items to a particular kitchen unit (kitchen, bar, barbeque etc.) It is possible to give priority for some items of some respective order.

Adding a notice to the order.

Visualization of the ordered items in the kitchen unit – at readiness to hand over an item the operator changes the item status and the system informs the waiters by notification in the “Cash” mobile application/front office module.

Payments – The system accepts cash payments, card payments, accumulated amounts/credits of loyalty club card with ticket, by association of the bill to the room etc.  

Back office module “Warehouse”  – nomenclatures, receipts, “Used materials” report

Мобилно приложение за приемане на поръчки в търговска зала

  • Изключително удобен тъч интерфейс;
  • Ускорява процеса на взимане на поръчка чрез функционално интуитивно меню;
  • Визуализиране на готовите артикули на терминала;
  • Визуализация на диалог, съдържащ списъка с маркираните артикули, които сервитьора може да продиктува на клиента с цел да се избегнат грешки и пропуски в поръчките;
  • Възможност за добавяне на бележки към поръчаните артикули;
  • Разпечатване на поръчките на кухненските принтери при запис на поръчката.

Бекофис модул “Склад”

  • Създаване, преглед, редакция на номенклатурата на суровините.За всеки артикул се поддържа подробна информация за движението му и наличността в склада с начални салда, обороти, приход и разход по дати, и крайно салдо;
  • Поддържане на номенклатура на контрагентите, които могат да се трансферират автоматично в счетоводната система;
  • Въвеждане и следене на минимални и максимални наличности на стоките;
  • Групова обработка на стоки;
  • Извършване на доставки на материали;
  • Копиране и обединяване на документи за доставка;
  • Дефиниране на рецепти;
  • Изписване на потребените материали, съгласно рецептите за избран от оператора период;
  • Генериране на заявки към доставчик за стоките с наличност под минималната;
  • Фактури - възможност за издаване на фактури на клиенти;
  • Ревизии;
  • Управление на достъпа на операторите до системата.

Справкии отчети в модул “Склад”

  • Доставки - за период по стоки и/или доставчици — възможност за използване на ръчен терминал;
  • Продажби по дати;
  • Издадени бонове за период;
  • Движение на стоките;
  • Отчетна стойност;
  • Филтриране за доставчик/стока/извадка от стоки.

Управленски и оперативни справки

  • Оборот;
  • Поръчани артикули;
  • Финансови бонове;
  • Справки по номер на бон (служебен или фискален);
  • Открити/приключени сметки;
  • Задължения на клиенти;
  • Прехвърляне на поръчки в различни сметки/обслужвани от различни сервитьори;
  • Работна заетост на операторите;
  • Филтриране за период, артикул, маса, сервитьор, кухенски звена, региони, както и по критерий на плащанията: на кредит, за сметка на заведението и др.;
  • Продадени артикули за текущия работен ден;
  • Z - отчет; "Отчет продажби" - продадените за деня артикули;
  • "Отчет на оператор"; "Сменен отчет".

Системни функции

  • Предварително дефиниране на комплексни менюта;
  • Възможност за автоматично архивиране на информацията;
  • Дефиниране на различни права за потребителите;
  • Автоматично изписване на рецепти;
  • Възможност за влагане и изписване на рецепта в рецепта.
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